Jewelry is a popular gift for wedding anniversaries. This is likely because jewelry – particularly diamond jewelry – is innately linked with bridal jewelry. Equally, good quality antique jewelry and vintage jewelry can be an investment that appreciates in value over time.

Here, we’ll discuss some antique anniversary bands for everyone approaching a significant wedding anniversary.
Let the fun begin!

Three Stone Rings
Three stone rings, frequently called trilogy rings, are actually becoming a more popular engagement ring than they’ve ever been. They’re excellent anniversary bands that sit alongside a solitaire engagement ring and a wedding band in a seamless way. The gathering of diamonds that are created when you wear a trilogy ring with a diamond engagement ring is stunning, allowing your ring finger to stand out from a mile away. If you’re approaching your third – or thirtieth – wedding anniversary, a trilogy ring is an excellent choice for commemorating the occasion.

Here’s one of our three stone anniversary bands, featuring a row of similarly-sized diamonds. You can also find plenty of trilogy rings that have a central stone that is larger, with the other two stones acting as accents at either side.
If you want to wear your trilogy ring between your engagement ring and your wedding band, you would be better off opting for a trilogy with similarly-sized stones. Those looking to wear their anniversary band as a standalone piece of jewelry, however, are invited to choose whichever style they prefer.

Five Stone Rings

Fifth or fiftieth anniversaries are both equally valid reasons to receive a five stone ring. Of course, if you feel a hole in your jewelry box that only a five-stone ring will fill and you’re only approaching your fourth anniversary, then please feel free to shop our five-stone ring range. Similar to three-stone rings, five stone rings typically feature either a row of stones that are a similar size or stones that gradually get larger towards the centre of the setting. Five stone rings are made with diamonds more frequently than other gemstones, lending them naturally to being anniversary bands.

This five-stone ring would sit alongside your other bridal rings effortlessly, its diamonds adding eye-catching sparkle. The range of designs we have for five stone rings is stunning.

Antique rings like this one are available, as well as vintage and more modern-looking designs. There are also different setting styles available, from the antique claw setting of this ring, to what’s called collet or bezel settings. Collet/bezel settings are when the gemstones are set directly into the metal of the ring, rather than protruding slightly with claw settings.

Eternity Rings

Our selection of eternity rings ranges from the 1940s through to more modern examples. Eternity rings are traditionally given to commemorate significant anniversaries, as they symbolize an unending bond between two people. It’s difficult to imagine something that could more appropriately represent your love and commitment than a circle of diamonds all-around your finger. Our eternity rings come in claw settings, channel settings, and collet settings, allowing us to offer a huge range to suit everyone.

This vintage French example is a 2.72ct diamond, claw set eternity ring. There is some debate as to how eternity rings should be worn. We would recommend wearing your eternity ring in between your wedding band and your engagement ring.
However, you are free to experiment, and even wear your eternity ring on your non-bridal hand or on a chain around your neck if you’re someone who prefers to have their rings closer to their heart. The important thing to remember when shopping for an eternity ring is to get the correct size, as they cannot be resized.

Diamond Cocktail Rings

If none of the more traditional types of anniversary bands are for you, there are also more designs and styles available in diamond cocktail rings. Cocktail rings are considered a more general gift, suitable for a large range of occasions from birthdays to Christmases. As this is the case, there are all kinds of shapes, sizes, and styles to be found. We would recommend wearing a diamond cocktail ring either in place of your usual bridal rings or on your other hand. The styles rarely sit alongside most bridal rings without potentially risking loss or damage of either your original bridal rings or your new anniversary band.

This example is a flower-shaped diamond cluster ring, made with 18ct white gold and nine individually claw-set diamonds.

A design like this is a wonderful idea for an anniversary band. Its stunning petals represent a blooming love, which can be a symbol of celebrating the love that blooms year after year. These wonderful cocktail rings are best worn on special occasions – unless of course, you’re committed to making your friends jealous! A ring the size of some of these rings is easier to appreciate to the fullest when it isn’t worn each day.

At AC Silver, we live to help people celebrate the best days of their lives. Whether it’s an engagement ring or an anniversary ring, we’re always happy to help with professional and friendly advice. If you’re approaching an anniversary that you want to make very special, consider one of these anniversary bands available with us.

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