5 unique ways to style sterling silver jewelry

5 unique ways to style sterling silver jewelry

Accessorizing with silver jewelry is an art. The right size, design, and amount of silver jewelry can help you look beautiful and add just the right amount of bling to it, enough to make heads turn. 

Here are 5 unique ways to truly master the art of accessorizing with silver jewelry to help you look stylish and classy every time

Choose the Right Colors

Not every color goes well with silver jewelry. Silver jewelry must always be worn with cool colors (greens, blues, and purples) but silver jewelry conjointly goes well with neutral colors; black, grey, and reminder white. with the exception of the nice and cozy color tones that go well with gold jewelry, you must avoid sporting Italian silver jewelry with multi-colored dresses.

The perfect design for your outfit

Not only the element for your outfit you should also pay attention to design, styles & patterns on it. If you are wearing an extravagant dress then stick to simple, classic Italian silver jewelry to tie the look together. Don’t wear big, heavy jewelry with dresses with extra patterns. It will not allow your beautiful jewelry to make a statement.  If you want your Italian Silver necklace or earrings to get all the attention, choose outfits with simple designs.

Create a center of attraction point

It is important to have one central point in your whole look. Let your statement piece of jewelry be the center point and everything else minimalistic. Overwearing jewelry will create a busy look that will distract the eyes of the people. So, you should avoid too wearing jewelry and focus on one central point.

Don’t Wear a Silver Bracelet with a Full-Sleeves Dress

Avoid wearing Silver Bracelet with Full-Sleeved Dresses because anything on your wrist gives a busy, messy, unpolished feel. Play with other silver jewelry pieces. But, keep that silver bracelet of yours stay in the jewelry box for the next time you wear a short sleeve or a sleeveless outfit.

Match Your Necklace To Your Neckline

When you want your stunning Italian silver necklaces to be the point of attraction for your look, you should pair them with dresses that let them truly shine Nowadays, it is very difficult for women to figure out which necklace to wear with so many varieties of necklines. 

The neckline of your dress plays a key role when you’re selecting the right necklace for an outfit to elevate your look. Nowadays, it is very difficult for women to figure out which necklace to wear with so many varieties of necklines. 

To create the best look with these necklines, wear a silver necklace that keeps the attention on the neck space the neckline has provided you with. Do not wear a necklace that sits close to your necks, such as a collar necklace or choker, with turtleneck dresses. Therefore, skip the necklace when your outfit has an illusion neckline.


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